Leadership Booster Package

Develop your authentic leadership style and make the first 100 days in a new role successful.

Leadership Booster Coaching is for you if:

You’re starting out and need to build confidence.

You’re in a new senior role and struggle with impostor syndrome.

You don’t yet know how to articulate your strengths and self-advocate.

You’re a woman working in a male-dominated environment.

You’re too busy looking after others and neglect yourself.

You’re moving from a local to a multinational, multicultural role and have uncertainty in your skills around diversity.

An approach tailored to your needs may include:

Developing self-awareness

Exploring your core values and motivation

Transforming limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and behavior patterns

Recognizing strengths and how to best use them

Exploring what courage means, increasing leadership confidence

Discovering personal leadership style and how to implement it authentically

Learning effective communication skills

Maximizing impact, assertiveness, visibility, and presence

Creating your personal brand


One complimentary, non-binding 30-minute discovery session

Six (6) 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions over 3 months

Pre-session questionnaire to help you understand what matters to you and what you would like to get out of our coaching relationship

Homework in between sessions, tailored to your needs

Additional support via email and WhatsApp in between sessions

CHF 1’000


As I was going to join a new company, a new business in a new country, I reached out to Catherine to support me through this big change. My aim was to be successful in the first 100 days on the job and hit the ground running. Knowing that she had similar experiences in the past and understood the context I was going through made a significant difference in the coaching I experienced and the results I was able to achieve. She was an invaluable coach and mentor during this time of change and uncertainty, helped me shape my leadership style, and be recognized as a valuable executive and team leader by my manager, my peers, and my team by the end of the induction period.”


Catherine was a blend between a trainer and a coach for me. She helped me when I was new in a leadership role to define what skills and capabilities I needed to mature to become an inspirational leader. With her previous experience as an executive leader in the corporate world, she was able to provide stimuli to help me become a better people leader.”


As I started a new leadership position in a multinational company, Catherine helped me deal with the complexity of a matrix organization, find my style to navigate the organization, and engage successfully with senior stakeholders. Because of Catherine’s experience in large multinationals, she understands the complexity of working in large organizations and their politics.


As I transitioned from a traditional Swiss company to a multinational, multicultural company, Catherine helped me along this discovery journey to find the leadership style that would allow me to deal successfully with all this novelty, complexity, and various cultures. Through her background and expertise, the many languages she speaks, and the many places she lived and worked in, Catherine helped me open up my eyes and prepare myself for some of the opportunities and challenges I would have to face in my new role.”

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