A personalized journey to your full potential

You want to thrive and grow through change. But where to start?

One-to-One coaching could be your answer.

You’ll be guided through a thought-provoking, creative process that opens up possibilities and inspires you to unlock your personal and professional potential.

It’s a personalized journey. The covered topics and outcomes depend on your needs and willingness to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll discover new insights and experience personal growth. 

In my role as Certified Professional Coach, I’ll support you along the way through powerful questioning and active listening.

You’ll be given time and a safe space to explore your dreams, beliefs, values, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and actions. You will identify goals that matter to you and develop a plan to reach them. Plus, you’ll become more aware of your unique potential and ways that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

What’s in it for you?

My 5c coaching model is the foundation that gives you:

  • Clarity on the change you desire 
  • Curiosity to open your mind to exploring new ideas and possibilities beyond current ways 
  • Ways to identify different options and choices
  • The courage to believe in yourself, take action and move forward 
  • Commitment to engage on the journey and follow-through 
C-Potential Coaching Model

What you can expect from me

Beyond benefitting from my expertise in guiding you through change, you can expect the following from me to help you THRIVE:


Trust in you, your resourcefulness, and the coaching process.


Clear, open, and transparent communication to help guide you through your individual journey.


An inclusive and equitable approach that recognizes your uniqueness and ability to make your own decisions.


Ethical standards and fully confidential support within a mutually agreed-upon framework.


Judgement-free and active listening that supports you, a whole person. Encouragement and acknowledgment of your work.


Sensitivity and care for your process. Curiosity, responsiveness, and a genuine interest in you.

The coaching relationship between you and the Coach is bound by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics principles.
Coaching is offered globally online or in-person in Switzerland.

“Whatever the mind of  man can conceive, it can achieve. “

Napoleon Hill


Are you going to give me advice?

My “blended” approach mixes the very best of coaching and consulting. I’ll help you find answers within yourself but can also point you to resources as needed and desired. 

How long does it take? How often will we meet?

Coaching engagements vary depending on the needs of the individual. That said, you can learn more about what to expect by viewing my services

Will you give me homework or resources?

Every engagement is personalized based on the needs and objectives of my clients. I can offer resources and “homework” to help you maximize your investment but you’ll ultimately decide what you need to do.