Driven by values, guided by experience.

Blending the best of my background to serve you.

I am a leadership and transition coach, mentor, and consultant. My work blends extensive business and leadership expertise with professional coach training, allowing me to support individuals and teams to thrive through change, reach their highest potential, and go after their dreams.

Change, transitions, and diversity have been constants in my life. I am trilingual Swiss (French, German, English) and grew up living in various countries as a “third culture kid.” Adapting to change, transforming challenges into opportunities, and cultivating cross-cultural sensibilities were skills I learned early on. Those served me well when, in adulthood, I juggled dual international careers with my spouse all while raising two children. Over the years, my globally-mobile life has been based in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. I now call Zurich home.

In my free time, I advocate for gender equality and support young adults entering the workforce. I “fill myself up” by spending time in nature with my husband of 30 years. I’m also grateful for plenty of quality time with my grown-up daughter and son.

C-Potential Coaching Model

My career prior to forming CPotential


Vice President Information Business Services

Building collaborative teams. Developing future leaders. Championing diversity and inclusion.



    Marketing Excellence Leader, member of European Leadership team

    Implementing transformations and change leadership for business integrations and divestitures.


    European Marketing and Transformation Leader

    Supporting major digital transformation and business integration initiatives. 


    Marketing Functional Learning and Capability Development Leader

    Creating a learning culture through training, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and counseling.


    Marketing Manager

    Building business and expanding geographies. Leading multicultural marketing teams.

      My coaching journey

      I wish I had experienced coaching even earlier on.

      As a professional, spouse, and mom, I often found it challenging to balance wanting to get ahead professionally, navigating my own and my husband’s careers across different geographies, and trying to enjoy my family and life outside of work.

      But with guidance from mentors as well as coaching, I was able to find my true self, gain confidence, unlock my authentic leadership style, and make my way to a more fulfilling work/life integration.

      From there, I made it my mission to help others seize challenges as opportunities, see and unlock their full potential, and go after their dreams.

      I complement my 1000+ hours of coaching, mentoring,advising and training of high-performing, diverse, and multicultural individuals & teams with a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation.

      I founded CPotential GmbH to make an even more significant impact for my clients. With one-to-one executive coaching or team coaching, I help talented women and men become more confident, resilient, and impactful. 

      I would love to be part of your journey. Let’s talk about unlocking your potential.


      Curious about working with me?

      If you’re not sure what to expect from working with me, check my services. 

      Curious about working with me?

      If you’re not sure what to expect from working with me, check my services.